TILT – Tiny Ilda Laser Tester

Lockdown is a pain, there’s no more event and every shop are closed


What can I do as a project, with all the electronic parts lying around in my drawers?


The goal of this mini project is to make an autonomous laser tester

So I can test all the colors and the scanning of any ILDA lasershow projector.

It must be easy to build without electrolytic capacitor (only 3 resistor and 3 capacitor references)

I start by entering the diagram in simulation software


using 555 circuit I make a variable speed oscillator


Then there is a LPF filter then symmetric amplifier.

Here’s the frame displayed, a little diagonal line

The project is assembled with usual equipment
Don’t forget to discharge any static electricity on you

It’s a printed circuit with 2 layers and metallic holes
Simulation files, PCB under KiCad and Gerber (click)

If you don’t have 3.5mm resistor you can solder the usual ones vertically (Chinese method)

Regulators’ fingerprints are to be reviewed but this is suitable for the moment

The 3 potentiometers allow you to adjust the colors (red, green, blue)
Remember to always start and end use with the colors at minimum setting

The connector is soldered on the edge of the 1.5mm PCB

The 4 new alkaline batteries cost me € 6
Warning the total voltage is close to 40 Volts
To use only 2 batteries it would be necessary to add large electrolytic  capacitors and a transistor (bias)

The potentiometer adjusts the scanning speed
The switch changes between high speed and low speed
If the speed is reduced to a minimum then the hardware scan fail security must activate

Finally I use anti-static foam insulation with hot glue

Here is a portable laser tester for use without audience