The REV7 update is a double improvement

  • Hardware

The ILDA input connector is directly connected to the PCB
By reducing the wiring we increase performance, reliability and assembly is easier
Electronic is made of symmetrical precise laser trimmed buffers
The PCB manages 4 of the ILDA colors, the 4th can be selected via jumpers
2 optically isolated safety with voltage regulation (interlock + scan-fail)
The whole safety part has been recalculated and put under simulation
It’s still possible to wire an ILDA output connector

  • Sofware

The code runs identically on Windows and Linux (Android app. to come later)
The information menu has been completely recoded with new functionalities
90 configuration files for administration, texts and user preferences

Here are the colour balances on FB3QS (bright, medium and dark)



REV7 Video:

REV8 Hardware

Linux Laser description