Summer is over!

What did you make by your hands? 

Here is a project to change our mind and come back stronger

Maybe you also learned amplifiers in school

MX50 SE is only NPN/PNP transistors and no coil

This regulated power supply will do the job

Power supplies, in any project, are as important as the other parts

There’s also a mains filter, a rocker switch and a fuse holder 

As usual resistors are soldered first

Then it’s the turn of the transistors with the usual precautions

Now you have to take care of the highest components

Here is the method used to ensure that the power transistors are properly cooled

It is mandatory to make a star ground
be carrefull to the hot weld!

It’s time for Ganesh to quality control the box!

Final checks before closing the enclosure

For next year there is a speaker protection and a motorized volume