So far electronics were made of commercial parts like the Raspberry B type
it’s time to boost up the project and use the hardware that is intended for the industry

For this, the project is now done with a Compute Module (3B + which is well suited for the necessary power)
It doesn’t use SD memory card (the card is limited in terms of access) but an look-alike SSD type memory (emmc)

Obviously a micro-controller of the latest technology (2020) is used
This in order to use the interrupts (for the security part, among others)
It also use the watchdog (this one performs a reset in the event of a bug)

It has a 10-bit DAC (REV8) which allows us to make a simple (but better) internal laser tester
it’s able to generate frames with X/Y move for 4 primary colors as well as blanking @ 80 FPS (REV8)

Filter coils and suppression elements (TVS, etc.) are now part of the project
The multiple power supplies have been changed by modern DC / DC converters with efficiencies of +/- 95%

New menus will come soon …

To be continued

Picture taken with Beyond 1/6

Picture taken with Beyond 2/6

Picture taken with Beyond 3/6

Picture taken with Beyond 4/6

Picture taken with Beyond 5/6

Picture taken with Beyond 6/6

ILDA input color balance ( FB3QS out of box as reference)


First DAC frame!

DAC frame test 2 with small movement in X axis (100p)


Early dac test (circle + color @ each step)

DAC test single colors + white

DAC tests @ 80 FPS

DAC test 2 lines + different colors

Other side view

REV8 flyer

Linux Laser description